Real Estate Investors

At Inmobebas we work with real estate investors valuing with absolute privacy the information they transmit us regarding their needs, interests and objectives. We have the human resources specialized in managing the necessary processing, being able to perform the integral management and what is more important, knowing from the outset the total cost of your investment and the possible scenarios of profitability.

inversionistas inmobiliarios en Valdebebas

Invest safely, advise our real estate investors, we are promoters of real estate, with projects of great interest to our clients.

Investing in real estate or property is already a real option for all real estate investors in Valdebebas. Our professional team will guide you when making a quality and profitable future investment.

Invest and diversify in real estate investment operations in the heart of Valdebebas.

- Valuations
- Real Estate Investment Analysis
- Real Estate Catchment

Gestión de patrimonio de inversionistas inmobiliarios

Our goal for real estate investors is to make the most of their assets.

With this service we will create value to your property with a monitoring and personalized supervision, so you can leave in our hands the management of the optimization of its heritage. We will represent your interests against tenants or buyers.

- Sale or Rent Management
- Housing and / or Rental Insurance
- Creation of real estate fund
- Real estate fund management